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Basic negative energy clearing-- also comes with instructions to teach you how to clear for yourself. -- I will perfome two booster clearings within two weeks. -- $40  


spells perfomed for love, abundance, protection, career-- I can not and will not perform any spells that impede on someone's free will, or any black magick. The spell must be for you only -#1---one day- $35

                                                                                                                                    #2---  5-7 day-- $100

                                                                                                                                    #3--- custom-- $180


Channeling your personal guide or angel for personal messages-- $50


Also, coming soon handmade  energy packs custom designed just for you. These make wonderful gifts and will include an essential oil , herbs, and crystals, bath salts and candle.   If you would like more info on this and to help in ideas for the packages, please leave comments below. I am hoping to have this feature going by summer 2011.


For all requests:: Simply fill out the form at the bottom and explain your needs. Be sure to include your email so that I may get back with you in case I have further questions that need to be addressed. Then just click on the appropiate button to the left. Once payment is confirmed and I have a good description of your needs, I will get right to work on your needs immediately. I will send you an email when the work is completed and with any details you need to be aware of.

Hello from Angel momma and your angels

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